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Coronial information

Where to get help


Family members can consult the police officer in charge of the case if they have questions about the progress of a missing person's investigation with the Coroner’s Court.

Coroner's Court

Families and interested parties can seek information about NSW coronial procedures by contacting the NSW Coronial Information and Support Program
Phone: (02) 8584 7777 (9am – 4pm Monday to Friday).

The State Coroner's Court of NSW website provides information about NSW coronial processes.  


A coronial inquest can bring up a range of emotions and concerns that can be different for everyone. Families and friends of missing persons seeking support or information about the coronial process can contact FFMPU. The FFMPU team can be available to support you at an inquest if requested.


For further information about the coronial process please read the guide to coronial services below.

Obtaining a death certificate for a missing person after a coronial finding. 

A guide to coronial services

A guide to coronial services in NSW for families and friends of missing people (PDF, 713Kb).
48pp book
A guide developed to assist families of missing people to understand and navigate the coronial process in NSW.