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Information for siblings, friends and relatives

In April 2005 the FFMPU organised a roundtable meeting for siblings of missing persons to share their experiences and provide guidance to service providers in how best to meet the needs of siblings.

The roundtable meeting provided a forum for siblings to share their experiences as well as providing guidance to both the FFMPU and other service agencies in how to provide better and more effective services for siblings of missing persons.

A number of recommendations came out of the roundtable meeting. Three of these resulted in the development of the publications below which provide information and contacts for siblings themselves, for the parents of siblings and for extended family members or friends of siblings. It is hoped that these publications will provide some benefit to those who are travelling the hard journey of having someone they love missing.

A sibling's story (webpage) 

Report on the roundtable meeting for siblings of missing people (PDF, 123Kb)
5pp information sheet

Are you the sibling of a missing person? (PDF, 85Kb)     
2pp information sheet

Are you the parent of a sibling of a missing person? (PDF, 86Kb)
2pp information sheet

Are you an extended family member or friends of a missing person? (PDF, 73Kb)    
1pp information sheet