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All FFMPU Publications 

The following FFMPU publications are itemised below under key subject headings listed alphabetically.

Most FFMPU publications are available in PDF (Portable Document Format). PDF documents may be viewed using Adobe Reader. The latest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

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FFMPU Counselling & Support Service (PDF, 135Kb)
(DL brochure)

What to expect from the FFMPU counselling service (PDF, 128Kb)
(2pp Information sheet)

FFMPU Poster (PDF 63 KB) Contact Us for A3 poster

FFMPU Vision (PDF, 86Kb)
(1pp Information sheet)


FFMPU Consent for exchange of information form (PDF, 61Kb)
(1pp consent form)

Coroners Court

Coronial information (webpage)

A guide to coronial services in NSW for families and friends of missing people (PDF, 785kb)
(48pp book)

Death Certificate

Applying for a death certificate for a missing person in NSW (PDF, 86kb)


Missing: Older and Younger People and Older People (weppages)


E-news Archive (webpage)

FFMPU Facebook evaluation (PDF, 578Kb)
(42pp report) 


Facebook page

FFMPU Facebook evaluation (PDF, 578Kb)
(42pp report)

Family forum summaries

(information sheets)

Forum Overview 2018 (PDF, 157Kb)

Forum Overview 2017 (PDF, 147Kb)

Forum Overview 2016 (PDF, 148Kb)

Forum Overview 2015 (PDF, 314Kb)

Forum Overview 2014 (PDF, 145Kb)

Forum Overview 2013 (PDF, 82Kb)

Forum Overview 2012 (PDF, 157Kb)

Forum Overview 2011 (PDF, 127Kb)

Forum Overview 2010 (PDF, 138Kb)

Forum Overview 2009 (PDF, 141Kb)

Family resources

A quilt for missing people: Companion book (PDF 968kb)
(32pp booklet)    

Are you an extended family member or friends of a missing person? (PDF, 84Kb)
(information sheet)    

Missing people: A guide for family members and service providers​​​ (PDF 1.3Mb)
(68pp booklet)

Support options for families and friends of missing people (PDF, 334Kb)
(20pp report)

Trigger card
(wallet card)

see also self care...

Family stories

sibling's story (webpage)

A Glimmer of Hope (booklet can be ordered by contacting FFMPU)

Developing resilience when someone is missing: Two individual perspectives (PDF, 155Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

From families (webpage)

Financial matters

Managing financial affairs (webpage)

Managing the financial and property affairs of a missing persons (pdf, 130kB)
(2pp information sheet) 


Is one of your mob missing? (PDF, 251Kb)

Located missing persons

Reconnecting when a missing person is located (PDF, 130Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

What happens when a missing person is located deceased? (PDF, 111Kb)
(2pp information sheet)


Someone is missing - Can the media help you? (PDF, 161Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

Older adults & dementia

Missing: Older and Younger People and Older People (weppages)


Missing overseas: A guide for family members (PDF, 945Kb)
(10pp booklet)


Are you the parent of a sibling of a missing person? (PDF, 113Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

see also young people


When someone is missing: Making a police report and assisting the investigation (PDF, 146Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

Reports and Research

See Reports, Research and multimedia (webpage)

FFMPU Facebook evaluation (PDF, 578Kb)
(21pp report)

FFMPU 2000-2015: A short history (PDF, 103Kb)
(5pp report)

FFMPU Support Group Meetings evaluation (PDF, 292Kb)
(9pp report)

FFMPU Support options for families and friends of missing people (PDF, 334Kb)
(20pp report)


Developing resilience when someone is missing: Two individual perspectives (PDF, 155Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

Reuniting or reconnecting

see located missing persons...


Search information for families (webpage)

Search agencies (webpage)

Self care

Taking care of yourself when someone goes missing (PDF, 139Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

Service providers

Best practice principles for counselling families and friends of missing persons (PDF, 104Kb)
(1pp information sheet)

Bereavement and missing persons (PDF, 144Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

For service providers (webpage)

Promoting connectedness - Guidelines for working with families of missing people (PDF, 205Kb)
(16pp booklet)

Responding to callers who have someone missing: A guide for telephone and online counsellors (PDF, 153Kb)
(3pp information sheet)

Responding to callers who may be missing persons or at risk of going missing: A guide for telephone & online counsellors (PDF, 153Kb) 
(3pp information sheet)

When someone is missing: A strategy to support those left behind (PDF, 167Kb)
(10pp report)


A sibling's story (webpage)

Are you the sibling of a missing person? (PDF, 122Kb)
(10pp information sheet)

Report on the roundtable meeting for siblings of missing people (PDF, 166Kb)
(4pp report summary)

Support group meetings

An evaluation: FFMPU support group meetings (PDF, 292Kb)(9pp report)

Conversations and Connections: Support group meetings for the families of missing people (PDF, 600Kb) (72pp booklet)  

FFMPU support group meetings (PDF, 91Kb) (2pp information sheet)    

Work colleagues

Does a work colleague have someone missing? (PDF, 106Kb)
(2pp information sheet)

Young people

In the Loop: young people talking about missing​ (PDF, 3.6Mb)
(32pp booklet)

Information for young people when a loved one is missing (PDF, 163Kb) 
(2pp information sheet)

Grief and children (PDF, 112Kb)
(3pp information sheet)