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Emotional support information

Self care

Taking care of yourself when someone goes missing (PDF, 98Kb)
2pp information sheet

An information sheet that lists ideas on how to look after yourself, based on experiences and thoughts of other families & friends of missing people.

A quilt for missing people: Companion book

A quilt for missing people: Companion book (PDF, 1115Kb)
32pp book

Stories and images from the families of missing people who worked together to produce a quilt that acknowledges missing loved ones.

Stories from families - A Glimmer of hope

Stories of courage from families of missing persons. This anthology catalogues four different stories from family members of missing persons - a sister, parents, a wife and a daughter. It describes, in their own words, the journeys they travelled when their loved one disappeared. This book is not available electronically. To order a copy of this book please Contact Us.

Stories from families - Perspectives on resilience

Developing resilience when someone is missing: Two individual perspectives (PDF, 119Kb)
3pp information sheet

At a forum in 2009, two family members shared their personal perspectives on resilience in the aftermath of their sons going missing. This information sheet summarises their ideas and tips on resilience.

Information for young people

In the Loop: young people talking about missing (PDF, 3Mb)
32pp book         

A unique resource book for young people. Includes words and artwork from young people who live with missing and not knowing

Information for young people when a loved one is missing (PDF, 95Kb)
3pp information sheet

A fact sheet for young people describing the feelings they may have when a loved one missing - also includes a section of helpful pointers for adults when explaining when someone is missing.

Information for work colleagues

Does a work colleague have someone missing? (PDF, 98Kb)
3pp information sheet

A fact sheet for people in the workplace who may have a work colleague who has someone missing. This includes ways to support colleagues with someone missing.

Trigger card 

A wallet card providing families with information to assist with reactions when reminded of their missing loved ones.

Information for siblings, friends and relatives

The Support for siblings page of this website provides further support information for siblings, friends and extended family members of missing persons.