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Publications About FFMPU Services

About FFMPU services

Counselling & support service for families and friends of missing persons (PDF, 135Kb)
Describes FFMPU counselling and support services.

What to expect from the Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit counselling service (PDF, 130Kb)
(2pp information sheet)
An information sheet that outlines what clients can expect from the counselling service and addresses some questions clients may have about the service.

Is one of your mob missing? (PDF, 183Kb)
Describes FFMPU counselling and support services. For Indigenous clients and service providers.

FFMPU Poster (PDF, 63Kb) Contact Us for A3 poster to display.

FFMPU Vision Statement (PDF, 113kb)
(1pp information sheet)
An information sheet about the vision of FFMPU.

Support group meetings

FFMPU support group meetings (PDF, 91Kb)
(2pp information sheet)
An information sheet about FFMPU support group meetings.

Consent for exchange of information

FFMPU consent for exchange of information form (PDF, 76kb) 
(1pp form)
Consent form for clients of FFMPU. If you require assistance from FFMPU in liaising with other agencies you will need to sign and return this form to FFMPU.

Strategic framework

When Someone is Missing: A strategy to support those left behind​ (PDF, 246Kb)
A  strategic framework developed by FFMPU which aims to develop a coordinated approach to support families and friends of missing persons. This strategy outlines the supports currently available to families and methods to improve these supports, including the creation and dissemination of the 'promoting connectedness' guidelines for health care professionals.

FFMPU family forum

The FFMPU hosts annual forums for families and friends of missing persons as an opportunity for families to come together and to access information about practical and emotional support options. Summaries of the family forums outline the aims of the day, the speakers involved, and the responses of families who attended.
- Forum Overview 2017 (PDF, 123Kb)
- Forum Overview 2016 (PDF, 148Kb)
Forum Overview 2015 (PDF, 314Kb)  
- Forum Overview 2014 (PDF, 145kb)
- Forum Overview 2013 (PDF, 82kb)
- Forum Overview 2012 (PDF, 156kb)
- Forum Overview 2011 (PDF, 126kb)
- Forum Overview 2010 (PDF, 137kb)
- Forum Overview 2009 (PDF, 140kb)


The FFMPU eNewsletter keeps agencies and families up to date with recent developments, issues or initiatives in the unit and missing persons sector.