Search agencies

This page provides information about the ways in which you can search for a missing person. The law enforcement definition of a missing person is a person whose whereabouts are unknown and there are current concerns for their safety and well-being.

This definition may not apply to all cases of 'missing'. Non-police tracing services have a more general definition of a missing person, that being someone you have become disconnected from and want to resume contact.

If you want to search for a missing person, regardless of how long ago you saw them, the following agencies may be able to assist you:

Your local police station

You do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing. If you have concerns for the safety of a loved one and all usual methods of contact do not locate them you will need to lodge a missing persons report in person at your local police station. Take a current photo of the missing person, your identification and any other useful documents to assist in the search.

NSW Police Missing Persons Unit

The NSW Police Missing Persons Unit oversees the investigation of missing persons searches and enquiries relating to those who were last seen in NSW. The Unit provides support to local police who are in charge of an investigation. The missing person's next of kin is entitled to make contact with this unit.
Phone: (02) 8835 7659 or 1800 025 091.

FFMPU and NSW Police Missing Persons Unit work closely together to ensure that missing persons and their families and friends receive the support they require. Both units have developed Working Partnership Priniciples (WORD, 20Kb) that overtly state the principles on which the relationship exists.

Australian Red Cross NSW Tracing And Refugee Services

The Australian Red Cross NSW Tracing And Refugee Service conducts worldwide searches where contact has been lost due to war, conflict or natural disaster.
Phone: (02) 9229 4233.

International Social Service, Australia

International Social Service traces family members separated by adoption or other legal intervention, international child abduction and voluntary or forced migration.
Phone: (02) 9267 0300.

Link-up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation

 Link-up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation provides reunion services to adult Aboriginals separated from their families and cultures by government intervention such as adoption, fostering or institutionalisation.
Phone: 1800 624 332.

The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service NSW

The Salvation Army Family Tracing Service (SAFTS) NSW operates worldwide search network for missing family members aged over 18. Also provides a service for people separated by government intervention.
SAFTS NSW & ACT Phone: (02) 9466 3479.                

SAFTS contacts in other states.

Australians missing overseas

If you are concerned for the safety of a person who is missing overseas you are required to lodge a missing persons report with your local police. The police will then liaise with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).